What are the Benefits of taking an RN to BSN Online Program in Florida?

There is no doubt that obtaining your BSN degree will fill you with a tremendous sense of pride and achievement, but there are other benefits that you should consider.

Expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities

Although you probably learned a lot during your time as an RN, returning to school and attending RN BSN courses in Florida will bring you new skills, abilities, and skills.

For example, you can learn how to take leadership positions in your profession, and even opt for a new career path in a field such as research or community health care.

Salary Increase

Of course, another good reason to aim for an RN to BSN degree in FL is the increased salary you receive. By completing higher education, you will become more valuable to your employers, and they will compensate you accordingly.

Without BSN, RNs across Florida earn an average of $ 62,760 a year. However, after graduating from high school, that average rises to $ 68,300, a difference of $ 5,540 a year.

This salary increase is even higher if you work in the Naples area.

More jobs

While nurses are always in demand, you will find that you have even more options once you have obtained your BSN degree. ADN graduates have access to an average of 3930 new job vacancies per year, and BSN graduates have access to 6280 job vacancies.

This difference reflects the growing demand for higher education RN throughout the state. Keep in mind that many of the more lucrative employers, such as high-profile clinics and surgical offices, hire only nurses with a BSN degree.

Career development

An RN to BSN degree in the state of Florida also provides you with an excellent opportunity to advance your career. For example, you can take a leadership position and become a Nursing administrator, with more responsibility and a higher salary.

You may also choose to become a clinical nurse specialist, clinical research nurse, or even a nurse who teaches associate degree courses in a community or college.

Post-RN to BSN study options

Once you have earned your bachelor’s degree, the possibilities do not end. You can continue your studies for another two years, earn your Master’s degree and become a Certified Midwife Nurse, Clinical Director, or even a Nurse, earning up to $127,610 per year.

If you continue to study for four to six years, you could get a doctorate like a Ph.D. or a DNP and work as a Registered Nurse, University Professor, Researcher or even Senior Policy Analyst with a maximum salary of $149,850.

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